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Bespoke hotspot builder in U.K..

Featuring our HamBoxUK Hotspot Models.

Please note we only build using premium components, which cost more than the cheap junk used by so many builders and sometimes priced lower. "Smart buyers know you get what you pay for with HAM gear".

By doing this we can repeatedly achieve optimum results from your bespoke hotspot build when tested on the workbench and what you get in your hamshack once installed.

If requested we can setup for the user a fully ready pi star SD card (32 gb ultra) if the customer does not want to configure the pi star themself, it only requires a little extra information which is kept private. Please be sure to indicate this before the start of the build. There is NO extra charge by me as some other builders do charge for this extra service.

We offer a SD Card Service for Corrupted SD Cards in your old Hotspot. We supply you with a new (1 ea) SD Card (32 gb ultra), properly programmed and ready to Plug N Play with your correct data. Only £13.99 ea w Mainland UK postage.

We build Simplex and Duplex Pi-Star hotspots using only the best quality parts from names you know. You can select your model and features that you want built into it. Choose from  a Pi Zero One,, or a Pi Zero Two, or the Pi 4 or Pi 5 board.

Simplex or Duplex model with a small or slightly larger display screen.


Show off your HamShack to fellow Hams with our  HamBoxes UK Tower Series with LED backlit fan and display screen. Pick your case colour from a wide range from our manufacturer. We developed the case design to make it easy to access and built in a variety of connection ports. Operate by WiFI or Ethernet, your choice. Note: WiFi upon request and usiing your router access codes provided to us for the build..


Our prices are based on present day costs of the build materials, please ask for quote eMail: hambox@techie.com  .




References available. Builders eMail: hambox@techie.com


Customer Feedback:


G0AMO  Mike

I21 Dec 2022 -  I recently purchased a 'basic hotspot' from Hambox. This is constructed in a small black metal box and includes a small OLED screen. It arrived pre-configured ready to plug and play. Despite the serious issues with our postal service at the moment, Adam from Hambox went out of his way to keep in touch with me once I had placed my order, to ensure that I received my hotspot as soon as possible. Customer care was superb and we exchanged a number of emails so that he could ensure that I had delivery (recorded and signed for) and that everything was working well. The hotspot is very well constructed and came with supporting notes to assist getting started. This is my second hotspot so I was up and running very quickly, but the instructions would be useful for a new user learning how to set up and use this technology with their radio. I am happy to give Hambox a very positive review as my experience could not have been better when making this purchase. Now running the hotspot with my new FTM400XDE and enjoying my new digital experience. 73 de Mike G0AMO - Andover, Hampshire.

Varified Customer of HamBoxUK


MW0LDD  Michael Ladd

21 Sep 2022 - Recieved my new hotspot, it's fantastic so much better than the cheap ebay stuff and the price was Great. The colour touchscreen is a prefect edition. Top notch with a second to none customer relations.

Varified Customer of HamBoxUK


M7DSQ Dave Chalton

19 Sep 2022 - Thank you so much again for my new order. Itís absolutely prefect and beyond my expectation, after sales support was just outstanding no matter how may questions I had time was spent helping me. The product was quality! Itís clear a lot of work and heart went into both my products which are so much more meaningful and solid than the machine churned out ones you can buy online from other sites I had previously tried. This is now my second order and about to place my third one. So many people have asked me about it when entering my lounge as it just stands out but looks so professionally made which is what draws peopleís attention and opens up conversation about it all. I donít work for this company I have not been paid for this review, Iím a customer a returning one who will keep returning time after time.

Thank you again for your products and support you have provided at no extra cost!

Varified Customer of HamBoxUK





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